Thursday, August 30, 2007

Podcasts, videos & downloadable audio - Week 10

I found YouTube to be too large to find what I was really looking for. However it was fun to see what everyone has put out there on the web to do with pugs and libraries. I saw a great ad put out for a library that highlighted the services being provided by the library. The related topics brought up videos that I did not see in the original search results, yet they were just as valid as the results that I first saw. This is the one I decided to embed, but for some reason when the whole embed script would not copy correctly from YouTube or paste into this blog. I can see libraries promoting their services through this site.

I liked being able to find book reviews online with and yahoo's podcasts. These sites were easy to search. I found one more search result with Yahoo on the search for "children book review". Subscribing was equally easy on both sites.

NetLibrary's site is easy to search for the materials that we have purchased for our library. I have noticed that Netlibrary highlights a book for the month and you are allowed to read the book online. The searching bar is easy to use, and the results are user freindly. I know from using the login with Daniel Boone we could see how many of the results were for ebooks and how many were for eaudiobooks.

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