Thursday, August 30, 2007

Google docs and spreadsheets assignment - Week 9, pt 1

The Zoho spreadsheets look and work just like the MS Excel spreadsheets that I am used to. I think it is great that I can import and export the spreadsheets with MS Excel. It may have been my connection, but it was not as fast as the Excel program I have loaded onto my computer, so the thing that makes this cool is that you can access it anywhere online and not have to carry a memory stick. Think Free is another great software alternative to MS, and I used the power point equivalent. You can share and collaborate the documents you create. This would be great for using if you were working on a presentation with another person and there was limited time to get together on the project. Some of these products did not involve signup to take a test run, but others gave a blurb and asked for sign in information early on in the process.

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Robin said...

Any online application is going to be slower than the equivalent desktop app - but as you mentioned, the convenience of being able to use your document anywhere is a big balance to that slowness. For people who don't have a computer at home (our PCC patrons, for example), these apps would be really handy!! I've used them (along with USB flash drive backups) for conference presentations as well - you can never have your data saved too often or in too many places!!