Saturday, August 18, 2007

RSS & Newsreaders - Week 6

The RSS feed is something that I used for a while with OCLC to see what was new with their products and services. I found it to be a great resource for keeping up to date with the new trends at OCLC. I have also used it for the updates to Dewey Decimal Classification. The OCLC RSS feeds were coming to my computer and a pop up box would appear as new feeds were received. This seems much better for me since the feeds are all on one website and I am able to keep up with them on my time without the interuptions of pop ups.

All of the mentioned sites were easy to use. Some of the hits I retrieved on Syndic8 for "dog training" were great and some left me wondering if they were actually dog training sites from their titles. Topix had an easy to use tab system for the common searches for news, forums, wires, and classified. There was so much information to take in at each site, that it would take some time to find the most valid hits for my search. I do think this is a great way to find out the information that is out on the web, because the web is even more vast and time consuming in of itself.

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